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2008, and the State of the Union Violates the US Constitution

Special Comment: On waterboarding and torture

Olberman video Skewers Waterboarders saying, "We're better than that."

Worse than Downing Street Memos! Remember Bush quoting the Brits? WMD Fraud 'From the Top' Now Clear.

Habeas Corpus RIP by Molly Ivins R.I.P

Olympia Dukakis sounds the call against Bush lawlessness

Congressman Kucinich Impeachment of Richard Cheney: HRes. 799Hon. Conyers-Select Committee to Impeach in last congress. H.R. 635

Impeachment Article #1 Impeachment Article #2 Impeachment Article #3 Impeachment Article #4

Public Domain Evidence Impeaching G.W.Bush and Richard Cheney

Article #1: Click the first Blue icon for media which outlines the case of lawyers, political scientists, officials, and investigators who believe Cheney and Bush violated laws protecting Americans' freedoms by conducting covert domestic spying since 2001. Article #2: Click the first Brown icon on their fraudulent invasion of a sovereign country, covering it up with illegal misrepresentations to Congress and the American people. Article #3: Click the second Blue icon on their employing torture policies, denying captives fundamental legal rights, and transporting them to other countries for torture. Article 4: Click the second Brown icon on their subversion of the US separation of powers so essential to our democracy and its Constitution. Finally, click HERE for the entire file with resources: other articles of impeachment, appendices, bibliographies, and web sites. Last update: December 30, 2007.

Feature: A Citizen's Perspective

The Best of the Best on Abuse of Power, the Impeachable Offense

NM Senate Judiciary Committee passes Impeachment Resolution

2007 New Mexico Debate on Impeachment. A real stunner!

MT Senate Judiciary Committee--Unused Testimony May 2007

Fraudulent War, MPFI Video for the MT Legislature

MT Resolution to Impeach

Click Billboard for Montana's IV Article Resolution to Impeach Bush/Cheney

Cheney's Law

Cheney's Law by Frontline 2007

CA28 Green Candidate-President Bush betrayed our trust when he launched the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Click photo above: Impeachment reply to State of the Union Speech

Follow this link Center for Constitutional Rights

We've been afraid of the wrong thing.

"Beginning of the End of America:" Olbermann Video

The Dark Side.

The Dark Side by Frontline 2006

This urgent book by the Center for Constitutional Rights presents four Articles of Impeachment: warrantless surveillance, lying to Congress about Iraq, torturing prisoners, and subverting the Separation of Powers. Buy a copy and send one to your Representative - $9.95 can change America!

A documentary site to prove the following: "Starting September 11, 2000, and for sometime prior thereto, George W. Bush and members of his administration commenced a plan, scheme and design to start an illegal war on Iraq as part of a strategy to dominate the Middle East and the resources thereof. Subsequent thereto, George W. Bush, using the powers of his high office, engaged personally and through his close subordinates and agents, in a course of conduct or plan designed to justify and cause an illegal war with Iraq and commit war crimes in furtherance of the plan with full knowledge that his actions were not permitted by United States or international law." Bush Impeachment

G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney have often claimed the Iraq Invasion was necessary and everybody knew that at the time. Here is a 2002 policy analysis which answers such claims. Not true!

A national impeachment notice board. What amounts to its mission statement: "George Bush and Dick Cheney have given themselves the dictatorial power to read your email, monitor your phone calls, review your Internet searches, prevent you from flying, interfere with your family's medical decisions, send you to war on the basis of lies, and throw out (or change) your votes. Congress and the Courts cannot stop them. There is nothing you can do about this except elect Congressional candidates who will impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney" Impeach Bush/Cheney

An online source of Hon. John Conyers' Investigative Report. Conyers

Harpers "teaser" on Lewis Lapham's popularization of Conyers' Investigative Report-March 2006. He concludes thus: "I don't know why we would run the risk of not impeaching the man. We have before us in the White House a thief who steals the country's good name and reputation for his private interest and personal use; a liar who seeks to instill in the American people a state of fear; a televangelist who engages the United States in a never-ending crusade against all the world's evil, a wastrel who squanders a vast sum of the nation's wealth on what turns out to be a recruiting drive certain to multiply the host of our enemies. In a word, a criminal-known to be armed and shown to be dangerous."Lapham

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